What is Ayurveda ?

II accompany you in your

in your quest for well-being.

In Ayurveda, health is synonymous with happiness and well-being inall areas of our lives. “Do good to your body so that your soul wants to stay there”. Indian proverb
Ayurveda and the three doshas
It is thanks to the concept of the three doshas that Ayurveda helps us to find our well-being, indicating both the direction to follow and offering a host of ways to achieve it.... In Ayurveda, the traditional medicine of India, the reality of each person is approached according to three principles inherent in nature: movement, transformation and preservation. These principles are called the three doshas and understanding them is essential to the Ayurvedic understanding of health.

The word Kapha comes from two

Sanskrit roots: ka means

water and pha, flourish.

Literally "what

flourishes under the influence of

water“.Kapha (water and earth) is

the principle responsible for

structure, protection and



Benefits of our massages
Release and release buried tensions and emotions in the body, allowing access to the root causes of certain health or ill-being problems. Easy breathing.
Health and Beauty
the most of the benefits of the massage, plan time in addition to the massage. An interview will precede your massage. I will listen to your current state, both physical and moral, your needs and your expectations and take your pulse. Depending on this, I will choose the oil and the protocol of the massage, for a treatment totally adapted to your state of the moment. This will be followed by a time of discussion, where you can share your impressions with me…, during which a hot drink will accompany your relaxation. For the massage, please bring an undergarment not afraid of oil. Plaids, cushions and towels are available for your comfort. In winter, a heating blanket can be present on the massage table. You lie down and receive the heat (adjustable) from below, for more comfort and greater relaxation.
Reconnect to sound body and its emotions
N°2 - Udgarshana
N°3 - Udvartanam
N°4 - Feet
N°7- Pregnant woman
N°5 - Back
N°8 - Baby
N°9 - Kansu Bowl
Atreya Abhyanga followed by friction with a mixture of oil and flour on the thighs, buttocks and stomach, serving to burn fat.
Made without oil, with chickpea flour, it absorbs water and leaves the skin soft. Recommended for cellulite and water retention.
Stimulation of the reflex zones on the plantar surface of the feet, this massage relaxes the whole body and helps to rebalance sleep and digestion.
By circular movements, and frictions and pressures carried out on the points of tension, this massage unties the nodes of tension, thus supporting the energy circulation. It brings a general well-being by frictions and pressures carried out on the points of tension, this massage unties the nodes of tension, thus supporting the energy circulation. It brings general well-being.
Improves the flexibility of the body, promotes the harmonious development of the child, as well as the future mother-child bond. (Is practiced from the 4th month of pregnancy).
Relaxes the baby by awakening his senses. (Avoid massaging your baby in case of fever or temporary disorders, and if your baby has skin problems, especially in case of oozing).
Rebalancing and soothing massage. It is a whole body treatment with Ayurvedic oils, toning and regenerating, which removes fatigue, makes the skin beautiful and supple, allows good quality sleep. Indicated for anyone in good health, or with disorders of the nervous system.
The kansu bowl foot massage with ghee (clarified butter), acts on the reflex points, helps to improve sleep and sight, evacuates stress and nervousness, helps to regain calm and a clear mind. Recommended for weak, depressed, anxious or stressed people. Also ideal after childbirth.
1 h 10 : 90 € - 1 h 40 : 120 €
30 min : 50 €
1 h : 80 €
30 min : 50 € - 1 h :100 €
1 h 20 : 100 €
Jusqu’à 20 min : 40 €
30 min : 50 €
N°6 - Head
In the energetic representation of man according to the Indian tradition, the human being receives the life force, the "prana", through the top of his skull. This massage relaxes and improves active memory and perceptive ability. The nervous system is more balanced, stress is controlled. A meditative state sets in.
30 min : 50 €
Contraindications to Ayurvedic massage Massages in general are contraindicated in cases of skin inflammation, dermatological disorders, swelling, bruises, tears and fractures. In case of serious diseases or cancers, massages are not always recommended. Check with your attending physician for approval. It is also not recommended to do a massage following a recent surgery (less than three months) or when the body contains too many toxins. Massages are contraindicated for people with fever or suffering from heart problems.


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My journey or path to Ayurveda
The Virshan space welcomes you during the week by appointment and on certain public holidays. Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays
By appointment only. 06 69 72 47 42
Give well - being to those you love !
EI Souliko Tchkaïdzé graduated from the European Institute of Vedic Studies
Your session
Massages offered
Well-being and comfort massages, non-medical, non-erotic.
N°1 - Atreya Abhyanga
1 h : 80 € - 1 h 30 : 110 €
Are you looking for an original gift idea?
A unique gift for a birthday, a wedding, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Grandmother's Day, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter... or simply to please the ones you love? It's easy! There are two possibilities: - Either you give a cheque to the person (in an envelope if you don't want them to see the price...) who will give it to the session - Or you send a cheque in advance (specifying the name of the person you want to offer the massage to) which will be cashed only once the massage has taken place. In this way, the person can make an appointment whenever they wish. The cheque should be made out to Souliko Tchkaïdzé and sent to 9, rue du Général Blaise, 75011, Paris. If you leave your telephone number, I can confirm that I have received it.
EI Souliko Tchkaïdzé Entrepreneur individuel
WELCOME    Massages according to Ayurveda 9, rue du Général Blaise, 75011, Paris  Souliko welcomes you during the week by appointment and some public holidays Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays

A little history

My encounter with Ayurveda was as unexpected as it was passionate. While I had been practicing the deep singing of Eastern Europe for a long time, I was also destined to teach Russian… While preparing for the competitions, I felt the need to have a massage. This is how I discovered – after a few other massage experiences – Ayurveda. I quickly felt that these massages brought me much more than just relaxation for my studies. At the same time, I was working on myself, and it was with great joy that I realized that these massages were very beneficial to me psychologically. Indeed, even if I knew it in theory, I did not suspect the extent of the benefits of a bodily approach for therapeutic work. Immediately after passing my exams, I registered for a massage course at the European Institute of Vedic Studies. Listening to the body in the presence and benevolence, the fact of unraveling and soothing tensions - both bodily and mental - by touch, conquered me. I understood that life was waiting for me elsewhere... It was only natural that I gave up teaching Russian and embarked on a more advanced training in Ayurveda. I not only rediscovered the pleasure of massaging there, but I happily discovered the science and wisdom that Ayurveda covered. The sensations experienced in body and mind during massages, meditation sessions, dhrupad chanting, are all testimonies of India's unique concept of health, both physical, mental and spiritual. This universe has become the pillar of my balance and my fulfillment. I have made it my profession since 2013, and I appreciate the fact of seeing my practice evolve over time. Touch sharpens, perceptions become clearer, renewed human contact is a daily joy.
ADDRESS 9, rue du Général Blaise, 75011, Paris.   Subways: Saint-Ambroise (9) Rue Saint-Maur (3) Richard-Lenoir (5)   Bus : 46 - 56 : arrêt Saint-Ambroise
2 - Udgarshana
  70 minutes
100 minutes
   90 €
 120 €
3 - Udvartanam
  60 minutes
   80 €
4 - Feet
  30 minutes
   50 €
5 - Back
  30 minutes
  50 €
7 - Pregnant woman
  80 minutes
   100 €
8 - Baby
  Jusqu'à 20 minutes
   40 €
  30 minutes
   50 €
  60 minutes
  100 €
6 - Head
  30 minutes
  50 €
9 - Kansu Bowl
  30 minutes
   50 €
  90 minutes
 110 €
1 - Atreya Abhyanga
  60 minutes
   80 €
Promotion for Christmas and until Valentine’s Day!
On the one-hour Abhyanga Massages (massage for relaxation whole body with hot oil, according to your Ayurvedic constitution): 2 one-hour Abhyanga massages at €140, instead of €160 (to be paid simultaneously, non-refundable), for any purchase from November 1, 2022 to February 14, 2023 (for Valentine's Day...).
Massages according to Ayurveda
Massages can be performed after this period. The cheques will be cashed on 14 February 2023 at the latest. You can give them to yourself, share them with another person, or give them to two other people. This is a good way to take care of yourself and your loved ones while treating yourself! Don't hesitate to take advantage of it and share it with your friends!
“Ayurveda comes to us from India, and is one of the oldest health systems in the world » It is recognized by the O.M.S. since 1982. It is a source of well-being, prevention, health, and considers the whole of the human being through its aspects physical, mental and emotional. Its concern is to maintain the balance between these different components. Massages performed with organic hot oil are appropriate to each Ayurvedic constitution. Specific massages for pregnant women, young mothers, and babies are also offered.